4 days in Budapest…Day 3, and a surprise engagement!

On Day 3 in Budapest we left the ‘Pest’ side of the river Danube, which is where we had spent most of our time so far (with the exception of Gellért Hill). We crossed the river via the Chain Bridge, and went up on the funicular which we had been told was fantastic – we were actually a little disappointed and regretted not walking up – the views were nice though!

Buda is definitely known more for it’s culture and history than its variety of bars and restaurants, but nevertheless we found ‘Ruszwurm’, one of the oldest pastry shops in Budapest, opened back in 1827! We enjoyed coffee and strudel, before spending the morning wandering around Buda Castle. The building and inside was beautiful, but we found that we already knew most of the information from our visit to the House of Terror yesterday, and so we didn’t love it as much as others have told us they did.

Our next stop was ‘Sziklakórház’ – Hospital in the Rock. The Hospital is built in to the caverns underneath Buda Castle, and was initially built in preparation for the Second World War. The Hospital, which was used most during the siege of Budapest in 1944-45, is now a museum with lots of wax-work figures which recreate what the hospital would have looked like when it was in use.

Our next stop was St Matthias Church, a really stunning church by the Fishermans Bastion. You can get a ticket and climb to the top, but we just had a look around inside, had a dusky picture taken at one end of the Fisherman’s Bastion before heading to a shop to grab a couple of beers each.

We walked along the Fisherman’s Bastion, and found a little secluded spot to enjoy the views of Budapest lit up at night, and to enjoy our beers. Halfway through the first beer, Nick took my hands, stood us both up and told me how lucky he had felt to spend the last two amazing years with me. Then he got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him! I was completely overwhelmed as I wasn’t at all expecting it, and I cried/laughed my way to a yes!

We walked back down the hill towards the Chain Bridge, and I rang my mum – Nick had asked her permission a month beforehand, but as I told her she still burst in to tears. She said she was in the car with the radio on, and as I called ‘Can’t help falling in love with you’ came on. That song was one of my mum and dad’s songs when they were going out, and it is also one of the songs that reminds me so much of Dad as we used to sing it at the top of our voices at football matches – it felt very special, and almost like a blessing from him.

As if he hadn’t already surprised me enough, Nick took me to Costes restaurant on Ráday utca, which was the first restaurant in Budapest to receive a Michelin Star. We had the most beautiful meal, and I will never forget the most amazing evening!


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