4 Days in Budapest…Day 4

I woke up on our final day in Budapest still feeling completely and utterly overwhelmed by the previous evening! Our first stop of the day was the Hungarian Parliament, which was the backdrop for the proposal, and therefore even more of a must see before we went home! We had a coffee and a pastry in its cafe before having a tour. Unfortunately there were private events happening which meant that we weren’t able to see the whole building, but we still had a great time looking around the bits that were not interrupted – it was a really grand and ornate building!

After our tour we walked up the river to St Margarets Islandc which is exactly what it sounds like – an island in the middle of the Danube, accessed via a bridge.

We hired a little buggy that we used to drive around the island – so much fun! A lot of the island was closed due to it being winter – apparently there is a brilliant musical fountain which we didn’t see, as well as a water park/thermal baths. We still had a great time flying around the island and seeing the various buildings and statues. We even managed to find our first geocache as an engaged couple!

By now we were in to our last few hours in Budapest, and so we hopped on the Number 2 tram, which we had heard was a really scenic route. It was a beautiful journey, but on reflection we should have done this on day 1 when everything was new, rather than at the end when we had already see everything.

We headed to New York Kávéház és Étterem, on Erzsébet krt, which was very beautiful and grand. I had a chilli hot chocolate which was incredible!

All too soon there wasn’t much left to do but pick up snacks to take back to the office, catch a taxi to the airport, share our happy news on Facebook and fly back to London after the most wonderful of holidays.



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