A weekend in Baden-Württemberg

This blog was always meant to be somewhere I used to talk about my dad, and about Motor Neurone Disease. However, I also wanted a place to store my travel experiences, and since I don’t exactly have a huge following, or a desire to be a very particular type of blog, I’m hoping nobody will mind the dual purpose!
Towards the end of November last year Nick and I went on a much-needed week long holiday. Our first stop was Germany, where we went to stay in Aalen with my lovely friend Alice, and her partner Jan.

Before we met up with Alice and Jan, Nick and I had an afternoon in the centre of Aalen. We went for a lovely lunch in Cafe Podium, which was right bang in the centre of the main shopping street. We then went on a search for our favourite pub which we remembered from a past visit. Eventually we stumbled across it – Alter Hobel, a wonderfully smokey, old fashioned pub with great beer. As it did on our last visit, time just ran away from us as we had a few pints at our window seat.

Jan is currently doing some studies in Stuttgart, which is the capital of Baden-Württemberg, and the sixth largest city in Germany. While Jan was in class, Nick, Alice and I went for a day in the city.

There’s a really pretty square in the centre, surrounded by a plethora of gorgeous (albeit slightly expensive, but you pay for the views!) cafes and bars. We had coffee and cake, before going to our favourite Stuttgart haunt, again which we discovered on a past visit.
The ‘Markthalle’ (Market Hall) in Stuttgart is a short walk from the main square. Inside are lots of grocery stalls, and nestled somewhere amongst them is El Mercado Espanol, a tiny Spanish delicatessen with a handful of tables to stand at. We got a plate of ham and had a glass or 3 of wine – perfect afternoon!


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